Titan Elite: New Online UPS system launched

Channel Data has released a new uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system targeted at applications in small to medium sized businesses. Dubbed the Titan Elite, the locally assembled unit is available in seven model options, ranging in capacity from one kVA to 10 kVA.

Being an ‘online’ UPS system it should not be confused with a ‘standby’ UPS says Channel Data MD Mike Hamilton who explains that the ‘online’ system’s primary power source is its battery – with Eskom power regarded as the secondary power source.

“Under normal operation the Titan Elite always runs off its battery, using its inverter, while the line power runs the battery charger,” says Hamilton.

“For this reason, this type of UPS is sometimes also called a ‘double-conversion’ or ‘double-conversion online’ UPS. This design obviates any gap or lag in the power supply in the event of a power failure – an important consideration if sensitive computer systems are linked to the system.

“When there is a blackout the Titan Elite’s inverter and its load perform as normal – there is no transfer to another system as is the case with a ‘standby’ unit. Only the battery charging facility ceases,” he notes.

A key advantage of this system, says Hamilton, is the total isolation of the output power from the input power. Any ‘spikes’ or ‘brownouts’ and other potentially harmful surges or irregularities in the Eskom power supply will affect only the battery charger and not the critical output loads.

“In addition, the Titan Elite features a secondary, emergency power path that provides backup in the event of an inverter failure or malfunction. While unusual, this possibility is anticipated in the unit’s design which switches to filtered, surge-suppressed line power in such an eventuality,” he adds.


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