Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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internet service providers (ISPs)

Is Incognito Browsing as Safe as You Think?

In the digital age, the allure of anonymity online has become increasingly attractive. While many individuals seek solace in the cloak of anonymity, the reality is far more nuanced. Despite popular belief, anonymous browsing isn't as safe as one might...

Kenya Power to Launch its Fixed Internet Services in 2023

In March Kenya Power, a state-owned electricity distribution company announced it will start selling fixed internet. It has now announced that it will launch its service by June 2023. According to Business Daily, the state-owned power utility company has been...

Realising Abundant Connectivity through Open Access Fibre

The concept of open access (OA) business model is here to stay. It provides the most effective way of driving competition between internet service providers (ISPs) while giving customers the freedom of choice at affordable rates. Under an open access...
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SA Elections 2024, Social Media, Polls, Final Countdown

Social Media Social Media is a concern in South Africa's NPE- National Provincial Elections 2024. This is according to the...
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