Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Data specialists are key to business

A recent study by analyst firm IDC has found that, in 2011 alone, 1.8 zettabytes (or 1.8 trillion gigabytes) of data will be created. Over the next decade, the number of servers managing the world's data stores will grow...

Who are Africa’s ICT key players?

South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya will be the key players in the African ICT sector in the next five years. A survey conducted by Africa Business Panel among 800 business professionals involved with Africa shows that these 3 countries...

Company aims to create eco-awareness in ICT industry

According to a report from a respected industry research body, for every rand spent on computer hardware in 2010 another 50 cents will be spent on energy to power it. This trend is expected to worsen and within the...
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Latest News

Novus Holdings Invests R55 Million in AI Innovation Company

Novus Holdings has invested R55 million in Bytefuse, an AI company, to enhance its enterprise-scale solutions. Maski, an AI-powered tutoring...
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