Monday, February 26, 2024
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Econet Wireless Group

Liquid Telecom partners with Ekinops on fibre expansion

The Herald reports that Liquid Telecom has partnered with Ekinops, a supplier of next generation optical transport equipment, in connection with a new long-haul Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing network across South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.   This 2500km network is said...

Liquid Telecom acquires Rwandatel assets

Telecommunications company Liquid Telecom over the weekend concluded the purchase of embattled Rwandatel’s assets and businesses. Liquid Telecom is a subsidiary of South Africa-based Econet Wireless Group. Liquid Telecom revealed that the purchasing of assets will assist them in expanding...
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How is technology revolutionizing payment reconciliation for retailers?

As retailers expand into mid-market and beyond, the manual reconciliation of payments becomes increasingly complex and costly. With hundreds...
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