Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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A Whole Week of Stage 4 Blackouts as SA Falls Deeper Into Power Crisis

The ending weeks of October and most of November so far has been marked by on-again off-again load shedding from South Africa's power utility Eskom as a renewed power crisis takes hold of the Rainbow Nation. While SA had been...

Could home appliances knock down power grids?

Cybercriminals could rope internet-connected household appliances into a botnet in order to manipulate the demand side of the power grid and, ultimately, cause anything from local outages to large-scale blackouts, according to a study from a team of academics...

Libya’s Internet still blocked

Libya’s Internet, which had been returning to normal late last week, has once again been almost entirely shut down by the government, as violence continues across the North African country, a Google Transparency Report said over the weekend. As...
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Tech Soft 3D Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer

Tech Soft 3D announces the appointment of Cecile Quillard as its new Chief Financial Officer. Reporting directly to CEO Ron...
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