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Unveiling Visa’s 6 Latest Digital Payment Products

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Visa has launched a range of new offerings aimed at transforming payments and meeting the needs of consumers, businesses, and financial institutions in the area going forward.

Here’s an in-depth look at the new 6 offerings:

Visa Flexible Credential

Visa Flexible Credential
Visa Flexible Credential

This feature lets users switch between debit, credit, installment payments, reward points, and even another currency with just one card. In the upcoming months, it will be accessible in the CEMEA region.

Nano Merchant Acceptance

Visa is introducing new ways to facilitate digital payments, including USSD Push Payments, Micro-merchant Acceptance, and Tap to Phone, which turn any device into a point-of-sale terminal.

Visa Passkey Payment Service

 This service replaces the need for passwords or one-time codes with biometric authentication and online payment authorization, built on the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards. Secure and efficient transactions are guaranteed by this.

Click to Pay

With this service, customers can utilize their registered phone number, email address, or Visa Payment Passkey to complete a simple and safe online transaction. In order to minimize the need for manual card data entry, Visa will work with issuers to enable Click to Pay and Visa Payment Passkey Service on new Visa cards.

Visa Protection for Payments from Account to Account (A2A)

This service helps reduce fraud for account-to-account payments on Real-Time Payments (RTP) networks by utilizing Visa’s experience in fraud prevention. It is currently detecting a large amount of fraud on RTP networks and will shortly be accessible throughout the CEMEA area.

Visa Pay

Through their mobile banking apps, banks may quickly introduce new digital services thanks to this payments-as-a-service platform. By combining features like digital issuance, payment initiation, tap-to-pay, tokenization, fraud and risk management, and wallet platforms, it offers users safe, easy, and mobile-first digital payment experiences.


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