Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Hybrid Multi-Cloud Partnership for Digital Transformation

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The pioneers in hybrid multi-cloud computing, NutanixDell Technologies have established a strategic partnership to accelerate customers’ digital transformations through contemporary application development and infrastructure upgrades. Through this partnership, customers will be able to take advantage of both firms’ hybrid multi-cloud solutions to improve IT operations, resilience, and flexibility.

Introducing Two New Joint Solutions

Nutanix and Dell’s collaboration has produced 2 new cooperative solutions designed to simplify private and hybrid multi-cloud installations. Customers will gain from Combining the ease of use of Nutanix software with Dell’s superior server and storage capabilities

1. Nutanix Cloud Platform for Dell PowerFlex: This solution combines the capabilities of the AHV hypervisor for the compute-powered Nutanix Cloud Platform with the storage-powered Dell PowerFlex. Dell’s scalable storage will integrate effortlessly with the Nutanix Cloud solution, enabling enterprise clients to increase computing and storage independently.

2. Integrated Turnkey Hyperconverged Appliance: Dell will provide an appliance that combines the Nutanix Cloud Platform with Dell servers, available in a variety of PowerEdge server models and configurations to suit a wide range of applications.

Expanded Collaboration Efforts

Along with these new offerings, Nutanix and Dell will work together on services, support, engineering, and go-to-market plans. This will enable more Dell customers to benefit from the ease of use of the Nutanix Cloud Platform. Dell sales teams and partners around the world will sell the collaborative solutions.

“Enterprises are managing an increasing number of applications across on-premises, public cloud, and edge environments, seeking a unified platform for both legacy and containerized applications,” said Tarkan Maner, Chief Commercial Officer at Nutanix. “This expanded collaboration will provide Dell and Nutanix customers with increased flexibility, simplified operations, and enhanced resilience.”

Arthur Lewis, President of Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies, added, “Dell Technologies is dedicated to offering organizations the choice and flexibility they need to adopt a multi-cloud approach on their terms with their preferred cloud solution vendor. Our collaboration with Nutanix will allow our customers to benefit from the performance and resiliency of Dell solutions combined with the flexibility and ease of use of the Nutanix Cloud Platform.”

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