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Enterprise Connectivity Soars with New LEO Satellite Service

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SEACOM announced the launch of its all-new low earth orbit (LEO) satellite service, now available to enterprise clients. This service marks an evolutionary shift in connectivity in South Africa, complementing existing terrestrial broadband infrastructure and technologies.

The launch follows a two-year process of consultation with industry partners, during which SEACOM was involved in the purchase and installation of the first shipment of LEO satellite equipment into South Africa. LEO satellites orbit the Earth at an altitude of 2,000 kilometers or less, offering crucial connectivity for economic-related activities like communication, transportation, and observation.

“The journey for SEACOM leading up to this launch has been very insightful and has given us a chance to learn more about this technology. Our clients have watched closely and have been very responsive. They’re interested in the capabilities and overall potential of LEO connectivity technology and are attracted by the element of innovation and the stability it could bring to parts of their business. We’re very excited to be a part of these discussions with our clients, to demonstrate those capabilities and support our clients in overcoming some of the key challenges they are experiencing in the South African market and beyond,” says Clayton Codd, General Manager for Sales at SEACOM South Africa.

During the consultation phase, SEACOM engaged with stakeholders on the feasibility of LEO satellite connectivity, aiming to address real business challenges, including South Africa’s energy crisis. The partnership with one of South Africa’s leading financial service providers further demonstrates SEACOM’s commitment to expanding network access capabilities.

Alpheus Mangale, Group Chief Executive Officer at SEACOM, emphasized the strategic importance of the LEO service in facilitating resilience and business continuity. He envisions LEO playing a significant role in SEACOM’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, uniting industry players to transform the lives of South Africans through broadband connectivity.

“There are so many opportunities that can be explored with the power of partnership. By getting major industry players together and uniting them with the common thread of broadband connectivity, we can make significant changes and transform the lives of all South Africans,” he concludes.

Overall, the launch of the LEO service signifies SEACOM’s commitment to driving digital transformation and delivering reliable connectivity solutions to its clients across Africa.

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