Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The Future of Messaging Platforms Unveiled

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Squire Technologies is delighted to introduce Mirus, an all-inclusive, revenue-generating messaging platform designed for operators. Mirus’s design provides operators with easy access to new revenue streams by unlocking the full value of messaging.

Squire Technologies’ SMS solutions, with advanced campaign management, create a virtual platform for superior scalability, routing, availability, and monetization opportunities.

Businesses often use A2P messaging to update customers on promotions, and deliveries, or for user authentication, such as in banking. The simplicity and ubiquity of SMS make it the ultimate tool for these types of business messages.

Unlike WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber, SMS dominates due to decades of ubiquity on all mobile devices, and unmatched coverage.

Squire Technologies’ Mirus platform provides the flexibility that operators need in modern markets. Advanced routing, campaign management, financial control, and fraud protection are the cornerstones of the platform. The SMS Gateway and Centre systems offer wide protocol conversions, high availability support, and scalable messaging. The user-friendly, web-based operation, administration, and management system (OA&M) gives customers total control over campaigns and financial transactions.

Security is an essential component of all of Squire Technologies’ solutions. Mirus employs numerous security and fraud protection tools, such as two-factor authentication and an integrated firewall, to keep data secure. Message recipients are also protected through SMS content filtering, URL in SMS blocking, lawful intercepts, and IP login deny and allow lists. These security features, among others, prevent data breaches, protect end-consumers from fraud, and mitigate grey route fraud for operators.

Open Flow Service Logic, active globally, facilitates swift deployment of value-added services, driving differentiation and revenue growth. Regardless of the strategy, Mirus is ideal for any A2P business messaging needs.

Sanjeev Verma, CEO of Squire Technologies, explains: “Operators must identify new revenue streams as OTT players continue to squeeze their margins. A2P SMS represents a growth market and an opportunity for operators to leverage their network capacity well beyond the distribution capabilities of OTT competitors.

“At Squire Technologies, we take pride in producing rapid and reliable solutions. The knowledge and experience we’ve gained from working with hundreds of global operators have enabled us to create this all-inclusive messaging solution.

“Mirus’s versatility is its ultimate strength. It is suitable for any of our customers seeking an easy way to enter the A2P messaging market or enhance their existing messaging offerings. We are extremely proud of this achievement and are excited to offer it to our customers.”

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