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Paratus Connects East Angola to the Rest of the World

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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Internet Technologies Angola (ITA), part of the Paratus Group, launched its first broadband internet service in Moxico, Angola’s largest province in the east of the country.

The new service is a significant intervention to unlock the potential for both the private and public sectors in the province, which spans 223,000 km2 and has a population of close to a million people.

In line with the ITA/Paratus strategy to expand its quality network coverage, this new connectivity further consolidates the company’s commitment to the Government’s national telecommunications strategy to deliver inclusive fibre and digital services across Angola.

Covering more than 1,000 kilometres, the new link begins in Lobito, in Benguela province, runs across the central plateau through the Huambo and Bié provinces, and ends in the city of Luena, Moxico.

In addition to connecting the east of the country to Angola and the world, the project also includes the delivery of internet services to municipalities along the route and provides both residents and businesses with the benefits of high-quality connectivity.

Importantly, the link also enables the introduction of new telecommunications services such as cable television and educational and health public services.

General Director of ITA/Paratus, Francisco Pinto Leite (left) and Henriques Manuel.

Deputy Governor of Luena, Dr Victor da Silva says: “This is important for the country because the new link not only connects Luena to the rest of the world but, through high-quality technology from ITA/Paratus, it also provides Eastern Angola with access to the highest level of health and education services. We are able to promote the development of the best levels of service provision in areas such as banking, health, and education through having this new Internet service in Moxico.”

General Director of ITA/Paratus, Francisco Pinto Leite, adds that this connection marks a new chapter in the country’s development. “Our plan has always been to develop robust infrastructures that may leverage the economic potential of municipalities and to promote inclusion and digital transformation. This new connection reaffirms our commitment to transforming Angola into a data hub in Africa.”

ITA/Paratus is providing free broadband internet connectivity to the Professional Teacher Training School and to Colégio 4 de Fevereiro, which serves more than 2,000 students in Luena as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

The Director of Education in Moxico, Valeriano Chimo says: “We are so grateful to receive this donation from ITA as, with just one click, it will connect our graduates to the rest of the world and give them bigger and better educational opportunities.”

“We are very proud of our collaboration with government, of our social responsibility initiatives to unlimited potential, and of the ITA/Paratus ambition to build Africa’s quality network,” concludes Pinto Leite.

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