4 Ways to Safely and Securely Navigate Black Friday Online

Black Friday in 2020 is expected to see more South Africans than ever before shopping, and paying, online. According to a recent McKinsey & Company consumer sentiment survey, 40% of consumers intend to continue online shopping spend even when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Thomas Pays, CEO and co-founder of digital payments company Ozow, says the sharp rise in online shopping and eCommerce has highlighted the need for innovative technology-driven solutions that allow shoppers to shop and pay safely online – including consumers who don’t have credit or debit cards.

With this year’s Black Friday deals running over four weeks at many retailers, Pays’ says the way to successfully navigate Black Friday responsibly relies on four factors:

  1. Stick to a plan and set budget. The overwhelming number of deals makes it incredibly tempting to spend more than you have. Make a list of what you need, familiarise yourself with the available deals, set a realistic budget, and stick to it.
  2. Shop with trusted eCommerce retailers. Trustworthy sites like Takealot can handle large volumes of transactions through a safe, automated checkout process. Most popular eCommerce sites will protect you from online fraud and cybercrime over this busy time.
  3. Don’t trust non-secure checkouts. Checkout security is critical, as it is the most vulnerable point in the shopping process for cyberhackers to attack, says Pays. A secure encrypted checkout should always have a small padlock icon next to the site’s URL in your browser.
  4. Research the checkout payment options. You don’t need a credit card to shop and pay online.
Edited by Jenna Delport
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