Vodacom to reposition its reach within Africa

June 23, 2019 • Mobile and Telecoms, West Africa

Vodacom to reposition its reach within Africa

Vodacom to reposition its reach within Africa.

Vodacom announced that it plans on introducing a new operational model that, according to the company, is better suited to its Pan-African customers.

This strategic repositioning will see Vodacom Business Africa move some of its operations between a number of African countries. This will result in a share purchase agreement with Vodafone Ghana, Internet Technologies Angola and Synergy Communications in Nigeria, Zambia, and Ivory Coast.

Vodacom CEO, Shameel Joosub says, “Vodacom is not exiting any of the territories and remains focused on continuing to deliver exceptional service to our global and multinational clients in these markets through long-term commercial agreements,”

Joosub continues, “Vodacom has a clear vision for strengthening our position as a leading pan-African business and will work with local service providers to grow in these markets”.

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