Uganda: UTL partnership to boost internet speed

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Uganda Telecom (UTL) partners with WIOCC to boost internet speed.
Uganda Telecom (UTL) partners with WIOCC to boost internet speed.

Uganda Telecom (UTL) has announced a partnership with the West Indian Ocean Company (WIOCC) in a bid to deliver more data capacity and faster speeds in the country. UTL also aims to lower the cost of the internet. According to both firms, the partnership will boost internet capacity in the short-term and ensure availability of further capacity upgrades.

Otaremwa Otuhumurize, a consultant at UTL, said the ICT challenge in Uganda today is extending affordable connectivity to the people that require it.

“The partnership with WIOCC will greatly assist us in meeting this challenge, boosting our ability to deliver high-capacity mobile broadband via our microwave radio, copper and fibre-optic network infrastructure,” he said.

He added that the partnership is a stamp that demonstrates UTL’s capacity to deliver data services to the whole country at higher speeds and lower costs.

James Wekesa, Chief Commercial Officer, WIOCC, said the company provides a range of core wholesale services to carriers, internet service providers, over-the-top-players (OTT) and content providers throughout Africa.

“WIOCC supports UTL on its transmission backhaul between Mombasa and Kampala” said Wekesa. “WIOCC also provides UTL with quick restoration options through alternative routes in case of any interruption in traffic on its fully-redundant connectivity.

For UTL, this means being able to deliver reliable and affordable Internet to the whole of Uganda – for Government agencies, corporates, SMEs and homes – through both wireline – e.g. fibre and copper; and wireless technologies,” added Wekesa.

WOICC has a network that includes 55,000km of terrestrial infrastructure and also investments in over 60,000km of submarine cable assets.

According to Mustapha Ntale, Manager for Liquidation, who represents the chief executive of Uganda Registration Services Bureau, management at UTL led to the company leaving WIOCC’S cheaper options and going for expensive ones from the market. He said UTL partnership with WIOCC is a testament to the promise to provide the fastest and cheapest internet connection in the market, like in neighbours like Kenya and Rwanda.

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