NCC clarifies stance on “fake phones causing cancer” statement

September 6, 2017 • Healthcare, Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories, West Africa

NCC clarifies stance on "fake phones causing cancer" statement

NCC clarifies stance on “fake phones causing cancer” statement (Image source: Buzz Nigeria)

According to a report by Nigerian Communications Week, the management of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) released a statement on Wednesday 6 September 2017 to clarify their position on the claim made by Mr. Kunle Olorundare, an official of the commission, who said that using substandard phones could cause cancer. The agency, however, claim that they never made such a claim.

“The Commission wishes to state unequivocally that it never issued any statement or made any presentation to that effect because there is no scientific basis to make such declaration,” the NCC management said.

The NCC reiterated its commitment not only to the protection of consumer rights, but also to consumers’ education which ultimately helps all stakeholders to take informed decisions, according to a report by Premium Times NG.

“To put the record straight, last week the Commission in its tradition of consistent engagement with all its stakeholders irrespective of location, organised a stakeholder forum in Ado Ekiti on type approval processes, with a focus on mobile devices. The event held at Fayose Market at the GSM Village. At the event, the Commission’s representative told the participants to ensure that the devices they sell and use are type approved – certified by the NCC in compliance with the regulations and guidelines of the Commission.

The NCC concluded their statement by referencing a number of studies which indicate that there is no connection between mobile phones and cancer.

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