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Nigeria- NCC Reigns in Telcos over Call Masking Complaints

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The NCC has called for all telcos to immediately stop fraudulent actions or face severe penalties.

According to a report by the Nigerian Communications Week, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has invited s telcos in the country to an urgent meeting to discuss an increase in call masking or call refiling.

Call masking, which is illegal in Nigeria, is when telephone numbers are either disguised or the number that is displayed is a different number. This is used by many companies who use so-called non-geographical numbers.

The NCC adopts a zero tolerance policy on call masking or call refiling, which is a form of interconnect fraud in which one carrier tampers with CID (caller-ID) or ANI data to falsify the number from which a call originated before handing the call off to a competitor.

The NCC has directed the Chief Technology Officers of all the country’s telcos to report for a crucial meeting at the NCC office in Abuja on August 3. The Commission also gave Friday July 28, 2017 as a deadline to put an end to call masking and call refilling, warning that failure to comply will attract stiff penalty.

Titled: Re: Call Refilling and Call Masking Practices, the NCC lamented that it has been inundated with complaints by subscribers, adding that there are grave security implications associated with it.

The letter read: “Recall the complaints by different stakeholders in the industry in respect of receiving international calls which display numbers in the National Numbering Plan (NNP) as the calling numbers. The commission has been investigating these unwholesome practices of call masking and refilling in the telecoms industry before and after the complaints, and our initial findings show that this practice is currently widespread. Due to the serious security and economic implications of this practice, the Commission is by this letter giving your organisation a deadline of Friday July 28, 2017 to ensure no call masking and refilling activity takes place in your network.”

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