Beentouch brings people closer with video communication

December 15, 2016 • Mobile and Telecoms, Online & Social, Top Stories

Video calling apps

Beentouch has released the nest step for video comunictaion worldwide.

Beentouch has released an app that aims to enhance distance communication. The app allows communication even with bad network conditions without giving up on quality. It allows to communicate in those areas where it has been difficult so far. The app is targeting emerging markets are countries located in areas as Africa, South America, Middle Est, South Asia and India where the network infrastructures aren’t comparable to those of the industrialized countries.

Beentouch is currently available for Android. The iOS and the Web versions are in development, to offer complete compatibility. Ther are also, further features of EmotionConnect, to expand the way people can feel closer despite the distance.

For the team of Beentouch, technology is just the base. There still was something missing in distance communication: true emotions. The possibility to hear and see a person from the other side of the world is one of the biggest conquers of mankind, but today videocalls are not so different from their invention dated 20 years ago. EmotionConnect is the next big thing in videocalls.

Beentouch expands the sensory universe involved in the communications. You will feel the heartbeat of the other person by simply touching the display, like you are divided only by a piece of glass. The level of interaction between users is expanded, because the moments lived on distance are worth to be remembered as deeply as those lived together.

Beentouch wants to promotes the right to communicate for everyone, despite of countries and infrastructure levels, and it aims to connect a half billion people to distance communication by 2020. Among the partners of the project you can find TIM, Microsoft, Google and AIESEC.

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