Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Nokia enables Orange Egypt to launch personalized services faster

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Nokia NetworksOrange Egypt has commissioned Nokia to deploy its Subscriber Data Management (SDM) platform to be able to launch new, customized services faster to its subscribers. The platform, based on Nokia One-NDS (One-Network Directory Server) platform, will consolidate the operator’s customer data, previously distributed across different systems in its network, into a single database. This will enable Orange to access subscriber data instantly across multiple applications. In addition, it will help significantly reducing its operating costs as well as maintaining and evaluating subscriber data on one system, instead of several.

One-NDS assists operators such as Orange Egypt to analyze and monetize their subscriber profile data. The project also involves introduction of NT-HLR (New Technology Home Location Register) and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) along with NetAct. These components together enable management of subscriber data from a central location, leading to greater network efficiency, faster reporting and creation of new services.

Hisham Siblini, Chief Technology Officer, Orange Egypt said: “We have more than 33 million subscribers in Egypt, and it is important for us to have an approach that accommodates a big subscriber base while enhancing network reliability and user experience. With its SDM approach, Nokia, our long-term global technology partner, will provide us a unified view of our subscriber data, enabling us to launch services as per our subscribers’ usage pattern. This will help us to prepare our networks for the next generation, higher speed data services.”

Philippe Chomel De Jarnieu, Head of Orange MEA Customer Business Team at Nokia, said: “We are committed to enabling Orange Egypt to have a centralized repository that will provide the operator with a complete view of all services used by its subscribers in real time, as well as valuable insights on service and usage patterns of its subscribers. Additionally, our SDM platform will provide a reliable, stable and flexible system for the operator’s network to cope with rapid customer growth.”


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