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Zimbabwe’s Hypercube hub to launch in November

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Touted as the first technology hub in Zimbabwe, the planned launch of Hypercube in November is expected to strengthen the country’s technology ecosystem.

Zimbabwe's Hypercube aims to strengthen the country's technology portfolio. Hubs, as depicted in the image, have flourished in parts of Africa. (Image source: Google/
Zimbabwe’s Hypercube aims to strengthen the country’s technology portfolio. Hubs, as depicted in the image, have flourished in parts of Africa. (Image source: Google/

In a release sent to the media, on behalf of Taps Murove, Operations Manager, Hypercube Technology Trust, the organisers behind the project stated that in recent years, technology hubs have taken centre stage as sources of innovation and collaboration across Africa, yet Zimbabwe has lagged behind in this crucial area.

“This is not surprising given the country’s recent economic history, but with the stabilisation of the economy following the introduction of the US dollar, the Hypercube team is eager to see Zimbabwe catch up with the rest of the continent,” the statement reads.

Hypercube, whose mantra is “Tech in 4D”, will set out to strengthen the country’s technology ecosystem by focusing on what they term as “The 4 Dimensions of Technology”, which are Community, Co-Learning, Co-Working, and Co-Innovation.

The Tech Hub will have 4 distinct spaces dedicated to each of these dimensions, and will offer a variety of membership options targeted towards meeting the different needs of people within the tech community.

At its core, Hypercube will aim to be an open and inclusive space where anyone interested in technology, particularly local developers, can participate in a range of events and programs.

The Hypercube Board of Advisors, which is made up of Nikki Kershaw, Nigel Mugamu, Rinesh Desai, Munya Chiura, and Taps Murove, has also committed to working to increase the participation of women in the technology sector, as well as stimulating job creation for the youth through entrepreneurship.

According to information supplied by organisers, Hypercube has already started engaging with local, regional, and international partners, and is planning a number of launch events in November.

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