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Tanzania: authorities determined to go digital

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A Tanzania Daily News report quotes Tanzanian authorities as saying the country will not go back to analogue.

Tanzanian authorities are adament the country will go forward with a switch to digital. (Image source: TV digital via Shutterstock.com)

The Minister of Communication, Science and Technology Professor Makame Mbarawa is reiterated the government’s stance on the issue, saying that analogue was “too costly and outdated’’.

Minister Mbarawa is said to have presented a statement in country’s National Assembly in response for calls from some members of parliament for a switch-back to analogue.

According to Tanzania Daily News, Kasulu Urban MP, Mr Moses Machali, had suggested the switch-back citing that many citizens could not afford decoders.

However Minister Mbarawa said that TV signals were stronger and that digital broadcasting TV sets could receive numerous channels.

“Going back to analogue will be more costly as in the next few years analogue TVs would have been phased out and the cost of maintenance will be much higher,” the minister is quoted as saying.

* Image via Shutterstock

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