Telkom reaches customers on social media

In a move to engage customers in a more accessible way, Telkom today unveiled its presence on three popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Telkom takes to Twitter
In recent years social media has become an efficient and effective communication vehicle with millions of people across the world embracing this new form of interaction.

Social media will provide Telkom with a platform that that allows customers easier accessibility to the Company by enabling them to reach Telkom on channels which they may prefer. The transparency of social media offers Telkom a platform that allows for one-on-one conversations with customers to solve problems and grow their knowledge and understanding of the Company and its products and services.

“We are embracing these social media sites with the knowledge that many of our customers prefer this communication platform over others. The direct interaction and transparency afforded by these sites means that we can truly connect with our customers in way that we have not been able to do before,” said Mr Manelisa Mavuso, Managing Director of Telkom Consumer Services and Retail.

Telkom will use this platform to interact with customers more intimately and efficiently. The Company will also use its presence on these sites to educate, share and collaborate with customers on major technology trends such as broadband and convergence.

“We believe that this level of engagement and the insights gleaned will aid Telkom in its efforts to improve service delivery and deliver on what customers really want,” concluded Mr Mavuso.

Customers can access Telkom’s presence on the following sites:


Twitter handle: @TelkomZA

LinkedIn: Telkom

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