Liquid the solution to capacity demand – Nokia Siemens Networks SA

The combination of Liquid Net architecture and Customer Experience Management (CEM) is what Nokia Siemens Networks South Africa proposes as a solution to address global increases in consumer demand for mobile broadband. The company reiterated its vision for 2020 which is to deliver on what is expected to be 1GB of personalised data per user per day.

Nokia Siemens Networks SA has unveiled its strategy to implement a combination of Liquid Net and Customer Experience Management to meet the demand for capacity amongst users. (Image: Google/

The mobile phone operator unveiled its mobile broadband strategy to address what it called the ‘unpredictability’ factor around capacity, an issue that continues to affect user experience.

This is because capacity demand is not stationary, but continues to move as users move the company said.

Karri Kuoppamaki, Head of Technology for Africa at Nokia Siemens Networks, says the company is already applying its new approach, which centres on the combination of Liquid Net with the insight services and content packs within its CEM component.

The intention and main drive behind the approach is to put in place actions that are related to capacity enhancement, tied to revenue potential.

Kuoppamaki described Liquid Net as “flexible, adaptable and more responsive architecture.”

The company believes the next eight years the rise in mobile data traffic will accelerate much faster than revenues.

“It is all about taking the network insights and turning them into actions that will improve the experience the customer has over the network. It is a set of tools, capabilities and services to help operators better understand not only how the network performs, but also what the level of customer experience is like,” Kuoppamaki added.

Chris Tredger, Online Editor