Airtel Nigeria launches new pricing

Leading telecom operator Airtel Nigeria has launched a number of new service plans and pricing schemes that the company hopes will boost overall customer service and mobile plans in the country.

Airtel Nigeria has announced a series of service and pricing schemes. (Image:

According to a company statement on the new price schemes, the “Airtel Club 10 Padis package targets young people and offers calls at NGN 0.75 per second, 90 MB of data every month as well as free Facebook browsing.”

Among the other VAS options are “access to SMS chat, night radio, ringback tunes, football downloads, a free download of the Opera mini browser and full access to Airtel Groupie for one month.

“The Airtel Smartbytes plans are designed for BlackBerry and smartphone users and offers data bundles of 200MB or more and a call rate of NGN 0.18 per second across networks in Nigeria and NGN 0.20 per second to the US, Canada, UK landlines, China and India.”

With threats by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) of fines against telecom operators, Airtel Nigeria believes the new pricing options will give users the ability to choose from more options which service is best for their use.

“The 2 Good Classic plan offers a flat call rate of NGN 18 per second across all networks in Nigeria, as well as international calls to the US, Canada, UK landlines, China and India for NGN 0.20 per second.

“It also comes with 30 free SMS monthly after a recharge of NGN 100 or above,” the company said.

It also offers free Facebook and free ringback tunes subscriptions that it hopes will entice users to switch over to one of the new services being offered.

David Eto