Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Uganda’s UBC sues UCC over contract breach

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The Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) has filed a lawsuit against the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for reportedly dishonoring a contract that would have made the UBC the sole signal provider in the country.

The Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the country's Communications Commission for alleged breach of contract. (Image: Google/kigalikonnect.com)

The company said in a press release that the deal was part of Uganda’s efforts to migrate all broadcasting from analogue to digital.

According to the lawsuit, the UBC is accusing the UCC of “terminating a memorandum of understanding signed on May 29 this year by bringing on board new service providers.”

The case has been filed, but there is yet to be a date set for the initial hearing on the matter.

The UCC has been pushing for the transition from analogue to digital for the past few years after a majority of Western countries made the switch.

For Uganda, the UBC was reportedly to be the only service provider in the initial “digital age” in the country, but they argue the UCC has reneged on their agreement and has offered services to other providers, in breach of the contract.

The Uganda government said it hopes to have made the complete digital switch by early next year.

Mohammed Awad

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