Exset launches digital monetization for Africa

October 5, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms

Television ecosystem pioneers for emerging markets Exset announced on Wednesday evening that it was lauching the Digital Monetization System (DMS) in Africa in order to help transform and monetize television platforms across the continent.

Exset, a television ecosystem operator, has launched a Digital Monetization System (DMS) in Africa to boost the transition from analog to digital across the continent. (Image: File)

The goal, the company said in a press release, was to boost the digital transition from analog televisions in Africa.

The DMS initiative, the company said, “bridges the gap between technology and value-added services creating digital television platforms that can be monetized where previously impossible, allowing populations to benefit from new information and entertainment services while partnering governments to achieve digital switchover and bringing a social transformation.”

Many African countries have already begun the transition from analog to digital televisions and the new Exset program aims to help move the process along quicker.

DMS is designed to power the Africa Page, “an interactive digital service for broadcast television networks like DTT/DTH across Africa, particularly where internet/computer penetration and literacy presents a challenge.”

The service hopes to be a way for companies and governments to increase operator revenues in value-based digital television networks.

“Across Africa, the TV screen offers the most potent and low-cost way of reaching populations on the wrong side of the digital divide. The Africa page provides a gateway to the world of government information services (health/education), magazine services, teleshopping, games, to name a few. The Africa Page will empower consumers, helping to increase knowledge and engagement with wider society,” the company said in announcing the DMS.

Rahul Nehra, Exset Global Head Sales & Chief Marketing Officer, said, “The digital divide is a very real economic and socioeconomic issue and DMS is now a key weapon in tackling it. DMS is not about television but about digital transformation.

“By providing new revenue streams through interactive public services and interactive advertising revenues, the Africa Page allows operators to provide services to populaces that have so far not been able to receive or afford them. It also facilitates the rollout of free-to-air systems by providing alternative revenue streams. The model proposes to drive revenues to the extent that the digitization process becomes self-financing in three-five years.”

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