Tanzania’s telecoms backbone helping to carry weight of connectivity


Tanzania’s national telecommunications backbone has helped to lower the cost of Internet connectivity to as little as 15 US cents per day on prepaid service tarrifs, reports Tanzania’s Daily News.

Tanzania's national telecommunications backbone is helping to reinforce the country's broadband availability and connectivity. (Image: File)

Managing Director of SEACOM Tanzania, Ms Anna Kahama-Rupia, is quoted as saying that prior to 2009, a dedicated fixed-line cost between $5,000 and $10,000 – and it was only large businesses that could afford access to broadband connectivity.

According to the report Ms Kahama-Rupia believes the transformation within the country’s telecommunication is due to the arrival of new submarine cables and a concerted effort to roll out 10,000km of national backbone.

“Before the arrival of SEACOM, there was just 300 Mbps of international bandwidth coming into Tanzania for the country’s 45 million people. “Today, there is around 10G, a factor that has helped to bring connectivity costs down dramatically”, Ms Kahama-Rupia told the Daily News.

Cost-effective broadband is reportedly benefitting the country’s  education sector, proving a capable platform for eLearning and similar initiatives.

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