Turkcell threatens to ‘extort money’ — MTN


MTN today condemned Turkcell’s (a Turkish mobile operator), threats of using a United States legal claim to “extort money” from the South African mobile operator.

The row continues. (image: businesstech.co.za)

MTN released a statement alleging that Turkcell refused to co-operate with their independent investigation, headed by  British supreme court judge, Lord Hoffmann.

Turkcell threatened MTN with litigation in the United States, alleging they were guilty of corruption after bidding on a second mobile network in Iran.

In 2005, a consortium MTN formed part of, won the second communications licence in Iran. However, MTN does not believe there is legal merit to Turkcell’s demands, but claim they have nonetheless tried to get Turkcell to co-operate with their investigation.

As a result, talks between the mobile operators have broken down.

“Turkcell’s threat to abuse the U.S. legal system to pressure MTN will not succeed,” said an MTN spokesman.

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