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New Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 revealed

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With Samsung launching several products in the coming months, Samsung Africa’s Vice President and Chief Operation Officer Paulo Ferreira introduced the latest Samsung tablets to be released during their annual Samsung Africa Forum.

Samsung Africa’s Vice President and Chief Operation Officer Paulo Ferreira (image: Charlie Fripp)

Ferreira told delegates the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and the Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1, both feature the Chrome web browser, rich content sharing and allows easy access to content.

“They all feature the Reader Hub, Game Hub and Video Hub, which allows users to seamlessly share media, as well as stream video while it is still downloading. The Hub Widget give users the easiest access to apps, playing back content at their convenience,” Ferreira said.

Another feature supported by the new Galaxy 2 tabs are the S-Suggest app which recommends mobile applications to users based on the apps they have downloaded or accessed. Being a Samsung product, the tablets also feature AllShare for sharing between other Samsung devices.

Ferreira also introduced the Samsung Galaxy Beam, which is a compact projection phone.

“It has strength of 15 lumens, making it more powerful than most portable projectors.” Under the hood, the Beam makes use of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 1.0 GHz dual-core processor, is only 12.5mm thick and can project images up to 50-inches in size.

He also added that Samsung’s Ch@tOn messenger application is about to roll out for iOS and BlackBerry devices, plus support for Google+ Hangouts.

Samsung Africa Director of IT Solutions Thierry Boulager continued the showcase of new products, introducing the new Series 9 monitor. The screen features the new Natural Colour Expert software, the widest viewing angle and makes use of LED.

Samsung's new Series 9 Ultrabook (image: Charlie Fripp)

But the product that stole the show in terms of personal computing is the new Series 9 Ultrabook. Only 12.9mm thick with the lid closed and only weighing 1.16kg, the sleek design is twice as strong as aluminium.

It features an Intel Core i5 Processor, 13.3 inch SuperBright Plus LED widescreen display, Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics chip and 4GB DDR3 memory – upgradable to 8GB.

“The new Samsung Notebook Series 9 represents the ultimate in Samsung craftsmanship towards precision engineering and premium design. The new Series 9 embodies the originality and heritage of its predecessor while eliminating unnecessary factors. The refined aerodynamic design of the new Series 9 represents the best of Samsung’s design with top performance and functionality,” Ferreira added.

The Series 9 required 9 000 hours of design work and 24 000 hours of Research & Development — a total of 33 000 hours invested by Samsung designers and engineers.

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet (image: Charlie Fripp)


Charlie Fripp – Online editor


    • i've got an ipad2, ipods, samsung galaxy 7+, samsung galaxy s 2 and i must say that the korean giant has far outpaced apple. the gaalxy tab 2 will be running on ice cream sandwich (ICS) with pls-lcd screen instead of amoled. my gadgets run on amoled where colors are much brigter & more vivid than what they are in real life. pls-lcd is more natural. so in this case, it's really how you prefer your display to look like. as for me, i'm going samsung all the way!

    • Thank you. I do really want an android I just dont want one where it would be drastically inferior or dysfunctional compared to an iPad. I am one for brighter and more vivid display, and don't really care if the display is fricking HD, but the one thing that I do want is functionality; what I feel that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 cannot offer is office-like software in which I can use the Tab for notes, as I want to use this Tab for lots of school-related material such as notes and maybe short papers. Will the Samsung Tab have the same software for actual productivity as the new iPad?

    • Connor Cooke That is the same for me. I work in Africa and need to have office like software plus the mobility to make calls from my tablet. The Samsung Tablet can do that with its built in SIM card plus wireless for video chat. Let me know if you hear that it can do office like sofware. My guess is yes.

    • I actually am looking at the Galaxy Note 10.1 now. I believe it to be the TRUE sequel to the first Galaxy Tab. Google it and tell me what you think. I know it comes with built in office software and also Photoshop and sweet note taking software. Check it out

    • Connor Cooke But can you make a phone call with it? I don't think it has a SIM card department which is so bizarre. If they had then your problem of making calls without the Internet would be solved. In Africa the Internet connection can be slow via Wireless. Also, is there a way to use the Ethernet connection as an alternative? I know it is probably too big a connection for its thinness but it gives another option. Here in Rwanda the ethernet connection is faster than the wireless connection.

    • It DOES have an empty Sim card slot, which I fin extremely cool 🙂 Also the S-pen looks like it would make everything so precise. Note is what I'm going for 🙂

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