Nokia unveils new smartphones

At Nokia’s Nokia World conference, where the company is due to make some huge announcements, they have already revealed a new line-up of smartphones, dubbed Asha (which is hope in Hindi).

The Nokia Lumia 800 (image: Engadget)

On the list of announcements was the Nokia Asha 303, a “lower-end featurephone running Series 40 6th Edition and rocking a perfectly respectable portrait QWERTY layout,” Engadget wrote. Three other models were also announced for the same line-up, namely the 200, 201 and 300.

“These phones are all designed to encourage the “next billion” users to access the web, and seem directed toward emerging markets. The 200 allows for live SIM swapping, and can offer up to 32GB of storage for media playback,” Engadget added.

But the biggest announcement so far during the keynote, was the unveiling of the Nokia Lumia 800, which Nokia has dubbed the “first real Windows Phone”, which is naturally running Windows Phone Mango.

“This device is sculpted from the same 12.1mm (0.48-inch) thick piece of durable polycarbonate plastic, with tapered edges on the top and bottom to give it that industrial look and make it feel thinner than it really is,” Engadget said.

For users who want the Nokia N9 wiothout MeeGo, the Lumia would be the best option.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor


  1. I'm an Android user, a macbook and iPad owner, but I will 100% be going windows mobile, having owned a first gen iPhone which to date was my best phone, a palm pre, and my worst device yet a sony ericson xperia with 2.3. This phone knocks the socks off any phone on the maker design wise, with a solid os behind it and the knowledge that i won't have to wait a year for an update, and no i do not want to mess with rooting a phone.

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