Reviewed: TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger

TomTom's High Speed Multi-Charger (image: TomTom)

Every owner of a USB-enabled device will know how important it is to keep it charged for optimal use. Devices such as GPS units, iPads and certain cell phones all come with USB chargers, and it can be a real pain if the device unexpectedly runs out of juice.

Well, luckily TomTom has the perfect solution for that, in the form of the TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger. This little gadget plugs into any vehicle’s cigarette lighter and is ready to charge any device through USB right away.

Although there are plenty such gadgets on the market, this one is rather special in the sense that it features enough USB ports to charge three units at the same time, while there is one 2.1 amp port that serves as a High Speed charger for power-hungry devices like an iPad – charging them up to four times faster than normal.

Its sturdy build will ensure that it’s not knocked over while driving, and it’s incredibly easy to set up. And although its TomTom branded, it’s not limited to only working with other TomTom products, but there is a rather lengthy list of compatible TomTom products on their website.

Not much can actually be said about any high speed USB car charger, but the TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger really works well for its designed purpose. It’s incredibly easy to plug in, connect a device and wait until its finished charging. It’s that simple.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor


  1. I have the multicharger and I love it. While it’s charging my TomTom as it navigates me, I have my cellphone charging as well as my iPod plugged in with iTrip. A brilliant invention!

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