Algeria boosts its Internet capacity

Algeria boost its Internet capacity (image source: file photo)

ALGERIA plans to increase its broadband capacity across the country.  The plan is inline with the country’s massive Internet uptake.

The Algerian government has indicated that the plan could potentially increase broadband penetration in Algeria.

Current figures published by the International Telecommunications Union indicate that there were approximately 4 million Internet users in Algeria in 2009, a penetration rate of only 12%.

Recent reports indicate that the country’s Internet broadband capacity is set to double by the end of this year due to the expansion of mobile Internet connectivity, new connection rates and increased access to e-services.

In a joint report published by the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in March 2011, ADSL subscriptions alone have neared the one million mark. In 2009 the figure was a mere 300 000.

“Several new projects were already being implemented to increase existing capacity, including an increase in the number of installed high-speed Internet lines from 1.8 million to 6 million by 2014 and a roll out of 500 000 multi-service access nodes this year alone,” says Director-General Mohamed Debouz, Algerie Telecom.

By: Jonathan Terry – ICT Senior Journalist