Airtel launches staff transfer program

Airtel Africa has launched a staff transfer program which will give African employees the opportunity to gain valuable work experience within the company’s parent company Bharti Airtel. The program started on the 23rd of February, 2011.

The initial phase of the program saw the integration of specialized staff from Bharti airtel into some African markets. In this phase of the program, the initial group from Africa to India will be employees from airtel’s operations in Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, the democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Niger and Zambia. They will spend up to one year working within various units, which include Bharti airtel’s network infrastructure development, solutions for medium sized enterprises, sales & distribution, financial systems, marketing and other functions.

“Our strongest pillar is people. We invest considerable resources in developing capabilities whilst giving our human capital opportunities to grow. The transfer of knowledge is a conscious strategy informed by the fact that globalization has changed the required skill sets of the team.” Manoj Kohli, CEO (International) & Joint Managing Director of Bharti Airtel said about the initiative.

According to Mr. Kohli, the transfer program is a mutually beneficial program between all airtel operations in Africa and the Indian sub-continent. “The need for consumers to leapfrog existing technologies and embrace new innovations is a reality as evidenced by some of the latest innovations rolled out by airtel in Africa. We need to ensure that our solutions connect in a cultural and socio-economic context” he added. “This initiative is just a first step of getting our teams connected across the Globe.”

During the launch of its operations in Africa, the telecom operator reiterated its intention to harness local manpower which stands at over 6,500 employees across the African continent. In addition to investing in the skill sets, airtel has partnered with some of the leading technology providers to develop specialized skills and nurture job opportunities across the continent. The company has kicked off partnerships with global technology leaders such as IBM, Nokia Siemens, Huawei, Ericsson and Business outsourcing partners such as Spanco & Tech Mahindra.

By Angela Meadon