WPP agencies research digital marketing in Africa

KENYA— Digital agency Wunderman is partnering with WPP sister company TNS Research International to help clients understand and maximise digital marketing opportunities in Africa.

The two firms will collaborate on a research project looking at how people in East Africa use the internet, supported by the Kenya ICT board, which is tasked with developing and promoting the country’s digital industries.

Melissa Baker, CEO of TNS in East Africa, said: “Thanks to our regular studies, our clients are well-briefed on the opportunities in the digital sphere. What they often lack is an agency that can tell them how to maximise those opportunities.”

TNS operates across Africa, while Wunderman has regional hubs in Kenya, Nigeria, La Reunion and South Africa. Its clients include Kenya Tourist Board, African Enterprise Challenge Fund, Essay Telecoms and Del Monte Juices.

“We want Wunderman’s clients to be the best informed marketers on the continent when it comes to the real potential of mobile internet,” said Chris Harrison (pictured), chairman of Wunderman.

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  1. The role of agencies in educating the business community about the digital marketing tools and technologies cannot be overemphasized. The above collaboration will surely create an environment of curiosity and technology adoption. The momentum will also get a boost by creating newer platforms of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Global digital marketing agencies will also add a lot of value by bringing the best practices on the table – to be adopted by the African agencies.

    A concerted effort between the agencies, business think-tanks, political decision makers and entrepreneurs will surely make Africa a better place for investment and conducting business. Look forward to similar endeavors in the coming days.

    Chief Media Strategist
    CopperBridge Media

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