IBM launches new software for information governance


IBM today announced new data protection software, a line of consulting services and resources and previewed information monitoring software to improve decision making within organizations.

Called IBM Optim Data Redaction, the software addresses information governance and all processes and policies followed by companies to access and use their information. The software will be capable of protecting the organization’s information by automatically recognizing and removing sensitive content from documents and forms.

“Information governance has traditionally been perceived as a necessary task that focuses on financial, compliance and regulatory issues. IBM’s information governance strategy combines new software and services with the building blocks companies already have in place to make governance an enterprise wide topic that drives significant growth”, said Arvind Krishna general manager, IBM Information Management.

At a recent Information Governance Council meeting, IBM addressed issues such as business information mismanagement and the use of huge volumes of information, coming with software solutions to ease business processes.

IBM commented that top performers are much more sophisticated in their approach to governing organisational information relative to lower performing companies, with 42% versus 14%, as a result of a study performed by the company’s Institute for Business Value.

Also, a technology preview program for IBM InfoSphere Business Information Monitor will be released, which tracks the quality and flow of an organization’s information and provides real-time alerts of potential flaws.


  1. Is OPTIM Data Redaction not only one capability in the Information Governance framework? I would like to know what else does IBM have to cover the end to end data/Information governance process fo a major enterprise (process / workflow / Integartion services / Access controle / masking / alerts / extrution / Violation / security

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