Proclaim 360 gets iBurst broadband rollout license in Nigeria

KYOCERA President, Tetsuo Kuba
KYOCERA President, Tetsuo Kuba (Photo source: Kyocera)
PROCLAIM 360, a Nigeria-based communications firm, has been awarded a license to rollout a countrywide iBurst Broadband Wireless Access network.

The firm will soon deploy the iBurst network across Nigeria in a bid to fill the vacuum created by the demand for broadband connectivity and internet bandwidth.

The iBurst technology is a 3.9G spectrum manufactured by Japan’s foremost telecommunication company, Kyocera, which is expected to put Nigeria on the road to the next generation telecommunication revolution.

“iBurst is a revolutionary high impact technology, which delivers consistent 4G performance to thousands of users simultaneously. We are launching the most advanced broadband wireless technologies in the world,” said Alan Tapfumaneyi, the chief executive officer of Proclaim 360.

He said the technology has been implemented with resounding success in South Africa, Malaysia, Ghana, the United States, East Africa, Canada and some other Eastern European countries.

Tapfumaneyi said the technology had the capability of delivering true broadband connectivity, affording the users an unparalleled internet experience.

“Users in Nigeria can expect to get the fastest internet connectivity on the market today once the network is complete. iBurst boasts of 2Mbps bandwidth speeds with consistent quality which does not deteriorate as more users get on the network,” he said.