gets facelift, your destination for news and information on ICT in Africa, has upgraded its website to bring you more relevant and up-to-date information.
The website underwent massive changes, focusing heavily on multimedia content and usability, while maintaining the publishing standards, variety and unique features you have come to expect from us.

New features include:
— Business directory for IT companies
— As many as 6 videos displayed on the home page at one time.
— More content on the home page
— More advertising inventory
— Interactive slide show of top stories
— Optimized images to speed up the site
— Reader comments displayed on home page ( is Africa’s premier ICT News and Information website, serving a niche audience within the Information Technology sector, comprising of top IT and Telecom professionals, vendors, solution providers, IT Managers, CIOs and CEOs of African enterprises. is a highly regarded international media partner, co-sponsoring such prestigious international conferences as AfricaCom, The Digital Africa Summit , IDC CIO Summit and ITU conferences

Denisa Oosthuizen

Editor (


  1. Pity you chose Times New Roman font at such a tiny size, when Arial/Univers/Helvetica/Sans Serif fonts are far easier and clearer to read. Away with this “default” USA-centric rubbish.

  2. You guys are doing a great job! In fact the new designs shows that you mean business. I may like to suggest, do you have geographic/connection speed and content want of your readers? For me I think the videos are too many on the home page, they could be placed as link with just one or two videos (speedwise).

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