Tigo launches in Rwanda

Millicom International Cellular (MIC), has launched commercially in Rwanda under the Tigo brand- making it the country’s third national telecom .
Tigo is planning various promotional activities to unveil its products the Rwandan market.

Say’s Alex Camara, Tigo’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), “What we are doing today is rollout our products on the market officially but there are many more activities that will be taking place subsequently,” said Camara without going into details.
millicom_tigo_logo.jpgMillicom paid some $67 million to secure a license as the 3rd national operator under the Tigo brand and the 072 digit code. It has since invested close to $52m in a national network rollout covering at least 13 districts to-date.
“Tigo plans to offer the best prepaid plan in the market with the most affordable rates to call any time and to any number in Rwanda,” it said in a statement issued last week.
The company last year beat numerous telecom giants, which included Zain, to win the license to operate as Rwanda’s Third National Operator (TNO) after Rwandatel and MTN Rwanda.
Tigo is a brand of Millicom International Cellular, a multi-national telecommunications company with operations in 13 countries including 3 in Central America, 3 in South America and 7 in Africa. As a brand in Africa, Tigo has been operational since 2006.


  1. Welcome TIGO in our country with your efficient activities and your chipest priceon the market. we are very, very grade to see tigo in Rwanda as well as we expected you since MTN has lounched its activities here in Rwanda. so, we certain know that your are going to do all the best for helping us very well and we are sure that in few days you will be the most competitive on the Rwanda market. Thanks

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