Report positive about broadband in Africa


nokia_hand.jpgBalancing Act has produced the third edition of its “Voice and Data Bandwidth Forecasts” report, highlighting a positive outlook for broadband on the African continent.

The consultancy and research firm says that broadband subscriptions will increase significantly in the next two years.

Says one of the report’s authors, Russell Southwood: “Individual broadband subscribers in Africa will grow substantially in number if the operators adopt a ‘low price, high volume’ strategy. A combination of the reach of existing networks, existing individual communications spend and the impact of lowering barriers to use through Pay-As-Go approaches all point in this direction.”

A contributing factor to the broadband growth curve is the expansion of fibre network infrastructure on the continent, with increased bandwidth and connectivity to global ICT infrastructure.

The report also predicts positive developments for bandwidth consumers if service providers adopt a “low price, high volume” strategy.