Monday, February 26, 2024
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Siemens launches “Siemens Answers”

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siemens_CEO_Peter_L__scher.jpgSiemens has launched “Siemens Answers”, a long-term, strategically-oriented communication concept which extends from all the regions where it operates, to individual business groups that make up this global electronic and engineering industry multinational.

Launched in Germany for worldwide rollout to coincide with the company’s 160th anniversary, the “Siemens Answers” campaign aims to showcase the company’s solutions competence and reinforce its positioning as a leading solutions provider in the fields of energy and environment, industry and healthcare,” reads the statement.

Siemens is one of the world’s most renowned and widely respected companies in science and technology, particularly in areas of engineering, healthcare, energy, and industry in general.

The company is among the winners of the AfriCom communications awards scheduled to be presented in Cape Town next week.


  1. Dear SIEMENS,

    I thank you very much for providing answers for the world’s toughest questions. In this current scenario, this kind of approach is much welcomable and needed one for enhancing the man race to survive in the globe. One more thing i would like to suggst, No one is worring about the need of satisfying the “AGRICULTURE IMPROVEMENTS”. Truely speaking, this is the real toughtest question to answer and also really toughtest to find solutions.

    Except AGRICUTURE all other sectors are improving all around the world. But we should not forget that this AGRICULTURE is going to feed us. We are not at all bothering for its enhancements.

    I hope SIEMENS can able to take action plans for this issue.

    Yours sincerely,
    Ramesh Perumal,
    Siemens Information Systems Limited,
    Bangalore, India.

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