Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Novell ZENworks Application Virtualisation available

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novell.jpgThe Novell division at Workgroup has announced the availability of Novell’s ZENworks
Application Virtualisation, an easy-to-use tool that eliminates application compatibility problems on Windows desktops.

“This addition to the ZENworks product line creates virtual applications in a single, isolated file and allows them to be deployed and run securely, reducing the problems associated with deploying new operating systems (OS) platforms, like Vista, decreasing expensive service desk calls and increasing user productivity,” says Sally Berimbau, Novell product manager at

“With ZENworks Application Virtualisation, which includes pre-configured templates for popular business software, customs can now virtualise and deploy applications in as little as 20
Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP, ZENworks Application Virtulisation reduces the cost and time required for software testing, packaging, deployment, configuration and contingency
planning to ensure successful application and operating system upgrades.

ZENworks Application Virtualisation increases a customer”s computing flexibility and allows IT organisations to maintain control of the desktop environment.

With ZENworks Application Virtualisation, customers now have a tool that prevents application and operating system conflicts, which allows for faster time to value, Berimbau concludes.


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