Sony Turning PSP Into Mobile Phone


This is going to turn the Sony PlayStation Portable into a mobile phone, that’s right, the PSP is now a phone too!

The PSP is going to use wireless broadband to include video calls, voice calls, and messaging. Sony will be adding these features initially to the UK and then possibly bring it elsewhere.

It would be no shocker if Sony announced a remodel of the PSP which has been rumored for quite some time now which is not only a gaming device but also a mobile device so that gamers and cell phone users could combine for the true all-in-one entertainment package on the go.

The service for the PSP is going to use the BT Broadband’s video and voic softphone VoIP software meaning that not only will it all be included, but it will also be totally free.

The customer will not have to pay for calls, just the BT broadband subscription.


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