Friday, July 19, 2024
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Tau Mashigo

Accelerated eLearning Adoption Could Contribute to More Impactful Outcomes in the Education System for Africa

The world of digital has broadened the play and fuelled greater expectations as it shifted the traditional perspectives around time and space. The proximity to the customer is incrementally getting shortened, while the expectation for service leans towards the now....

The Sustenance of Job Creation During a Digital Evolution Epoch

As the future pushes ahead unabated, the set of circumstances emerging spark a lot of imagination. We no longer just rely on linear cognitive capabilities that give rise to incremental change, but rather parallelised, and intertwined capabilities that result...
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E-hailing for SA Students Inspiration on Mandela Day

In celebration of Mandela Day, Bolt, the Estonian mobility company that offers ride-hailing, micromobility rental, food and grocery delivery,...
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