Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Global VPN Use Exploded in March

With millions working from home, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the global usage of VPN demand swell. Demand for commercial VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) in the US jumped by 41% between 13 March and 23 March according to research...

Cybercrime – Time to Focus on Prevention, Not Reaction

In terms of risk versus reward, cybercrime is a highly lucrative industry. Research from Atlas VPN suggests that cyberattacks generate more than $1.5 trillion in revenue each year, and this figure is growing. This indicates that incidents of...

Over 500,000 Zoom Accounts Sold on the Dark Web

Over 500,000 Zoom accounts are being sold on the dark web and hacker forums for less than $0.01, and in some cases, given away for free, via Bleeping Computer. These credentials are gathered through credential stuffing attacks where cybercriminals attempt...
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Securing Your Public Sector Organization from Cyber Attacks: A Proactive Approach

In an age where the digital landscape is constantly evolving, securing public sector organizations from cyber attacks is paramount....
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