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New Era of Banking: MCB Bank & Leatherback Partnership

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Leatherback & MCB Partnership
Leatherback has partnered with MCB Bank

Leatherback has partnered with MCB Bank to enhance business and lifestyle opportunities in Pakistan and the broader South Asia region. This collaboration aims to facilitate easier Pakistani Rupee (PKR) payouts and remittances for Leatherback users, leveraging the extensive network and services of MCB Bank, one of Pakistan’s largest commercial banks.

Simplified Cross-Border Transactions

Leatherback, as a banking service provider for individuals and businesses, is committed to simplifying cross-border financial transactions. Through its remittance solution, SendR, users can effortlessly send money to businesses and individuals in Pakistan, where it can be instantly received in the local currency. Users can complete the process hassle-free with just five simple steps on the Leatherback app.

Pakistan has emerged as one of the top remittance-receiving countries, highlighting the significance of seamless cross-border transactions. With trade between Pakistan and Africa on the rise, this partnership expands Leatherback’s reach in the South Asia region, positioning it as the preferred banking partner for accessing business and lifestyle opportunities globally.

Ibrahim Toyeeb Ibitade, CEO of Leatherback, emphasizes the importance of breaking down barriers to financial accessibility, enabling customers to pursue opportunities worldwide. “Our partnership with MCB Bank is another step in our mission to make it much easier for our customers to access the opportunities they desire around the world, removing barriers that were previously in place due to limited payment options. As developing commerce models and the rise of digitization alter how the world interacts, we are pleased to bring people from all over the world closer together by offering them effective cross-border payment solutions that allow them to trade and enjoy more experiences.”

Mr. Omair Safdar, Group Head Wholesale Banking at MCB Bank Limited, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the partnership’s role in enhancing digital remittance services and facilitating seamless cross-border transactions. This collaboration underscores MCB Bank’s dedication to innovation and customer value.

From remittances to business transactions, the ability to move money seamlessly across borders is essential for accessing lifestyle and business opportunities. Leatherback’s focus on migrants and global citizens ensures robust cross-border financial services, leveraging digital identity verification, low transaction fees, competitive FX rates, and a secure onboarding process to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses operating across multiple markets.

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