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New App Platform Targets SA’s Diverse Healthcare Needs

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Vusi Melane
Vusi Melane
Staff Writer

Unu Health, a platform that aims to disrupt how people access, pay for, and experience primary healthcare, has partnered with the South African healthcare group Intercare to develop an app. This app will cater to South Africa’s entire population, rich and poor, providing coverage for both public and private healthcare.

85% (about 51 million people) of South Africa’s population is covered by public healthcare, while the remaining 15% (about 9 million people) has private healthcare coverage.

The app platform- Unu Health use-as-you-go offers easy-to-use services and features that are data free to every user with a smartphone. CEO for Unu Health, Tania Joffe says “Unu Health use-as-you-go will make a huge difference and make a much-needed positive intervention in the already burdened South Africa’s healthcare system. It will provide access to healthcare for all South Africans. South Africans in private, public healthcare and all those on medical insurance.”

“One of the features in the Unu Health app is a face scan that individuals can use to measure and monitor their vitals such as blood pressure, glucose levels, and heart rate.” Adds Joffe

“The tech used by the face scan technology is photoplethysmography -PPG. It combines computer vision, signal processing, and ML to detect and analyze volumetric changes in peripheral circulation.”

On World Health Day on 7 April, Tania Joffe, CEO of Unu Health, will officially launch Unu Health use-as-you-go digital app platform and speak about the importance of inclusive, affordable, and convenient digital healthcare as well as disease prevention to improving population health and lifestyle outcomes.

“The significance of this launch is extending digital healthcare access to a wider demographic, regardless of financial constraints or busy schedules. Also, any potential patient can see a doctor in 5 minutes through the app. This will make individual patients self-empowered in terms of access to digital health services.”  said Joffe

Behind the Unu Health App tech platform’s development and operational efficiency is tech Entrepreneur and expert Themba Mchunu. He ensures an exceptional experience for the Unu Help user.

“Technical and strategic milestones are top of mind at all times as I navigate the functionality needed to rapidly grow the Unu offering at scale.” Said Mchunu.

The partnership between Unu Health and Intercare potentially marks a pivotal moment in South Africa’s healthcare landscape. Through the Unu Health use-as-you-go app, Tania Joffe and her team are revolutionizing healthcare access, offering inclusive, affordable, and convenient digital solutions to all South Africans. With the launch on World Health Day, Unu Health is set to redefine healthcare delivery, empowering individuals and driving positive health outcomes. Led by tech entrepreneur Themba Mchunu, Unu Health is poised to make a lasting impact, bridging gaps and transforming lives across the nation.

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