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Technology: A Beacon for Human Rights in the Modern Era

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As we commemorate Human Rights Day, it’s crucial to contemplate the profound influence technology exerts on our fundamental freedoms. In this modern era, technology stands as both a catalyst for progress and a challenge to human rights.

Technology serves as a powerful tool in advancing and safeguarding human rights in various ways:


1. Facilitating Freedom of Expression and Access to Information: The internet empowers individuals to freely express opinions and access vast information resources, crucial for democratic societies.

2. Fostering Fair and Decent Work: Automation and AI, while posing challenges, offer opportunities for job creation and workplace efficiency improvements. Ensuring inclusivity and equity in deploying these technologies is essential for upholding the right to fair work.

3. Protecting Privacy: With the rise of the Internet of Things, safeguarding personal data is paramount. Technology can bolster privacy through enhanced security measures and empowering individuals with greater control over their data.

4. Monitoring Human Rights Abuses: Satellite data, AI, and forensic technology aid in monitoring and documenting human rights violations, aiding in holding perpetrators accountable. For instance, satellite imagery tracks displaced populations, while AI analyzes data to detect abuse patterns.

5. Promoting Digital Inclusion: Advocating for policies that uphold privacy, digital inclusion, and human rights on social media platforms ensures equitable access to technology benefits, reducing existing disparities.

By deploying these technologies responsibly and ethically, we can leverage their potential to uphold and strengthen human rights globally.

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