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Stay Cyber-Smart: Avoid Phishing Pitfalls

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Olga Svistunova, a security expert at Kaspersky, emphasizes the persistent threat of phishing in today’s digital environment, which continually adapts to deceive unsuspecting users. She underscores the importance of vigilance and skepticism as our strongest defenses against falling victim to these malicious schemes.

Her advice? Stay cautious, verify before you click, and safeguard your digital identity.

To steer clear of falling prey to phishing-based scams, Kaspersky experts offer the following advice:

– Only open emails and click on links if you are confident about the sender’s trustworthiness.

– If a sender appears legitimate but the email content seems suspicious, consider verifying with the sender via an alternate communication method.

– Scrutinize the spelling of a website’s URL if you suspect it might be a phishing page. Phishing URLs often contain subtle mistakes, such as using “1” instead of “I” or “0” instead of “O.”

– Employ a reputable security solution while browsing the web. These solutions leverage international threat intelligence sources to detect and block spam and phishing campaigns effectively.

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