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9 Top Industries Using ChatGPT for their Work

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It has been found that since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, the search for artificial intelligence has sky rocketed by 1,700%. The AI powered chatbot, which has attracted more than 100 million global users, has been the centre of much debate.

According to findings conducted specifically using data from the UK workforce, by Venky Sundar, Founder and President of Indusface, the use of ChatGPT is fast becoming a popular tool and is being used for a variety of tasks across different industries. Here are the key findings from his research;

  • The Advertising industry ranks as the sector using ChatGPT the most whilst working, with almost two fifths (39%) of respondents utilising the bot.
  • The Legal industry ranks second, with 38% of respondents claiming they use ChatGPT at work.
  • Writing up reports is the most common reason for using ChatGPT at work, with more than a quarter (27%) of respondents naming this as their reason for using this form of AI.

The top 10 industries utilising ChatGPT the MOST

Rank Industry % of workers using ChatGPT
1 Advertising 39%
2 Legal 38%
3 Arts & Media 33%
= 4 Information & Communication Technology 30%
= 4 Construction 30%
= 6 Real Estate & Property 29%
= 6 Manufacturing 29%
= 6 Call Centre & Customer Service 29%
= 9 Healthcare & Medical 28%
= 9 Government & Defence 28%


The study further reveals that the Advertising industry in the UK is the industry which uses ChatGPT the most on the job, with almost two fifths (39%) of employees admitting to using it for work. Among them, 11% admit to using it frequently, more than once a week.

Only slightly more than 5% of people working in the industry said they will never use ChatGPT, showing a more welcoming and open-minded attitude towards applying ChatGPT within the advertising industry.

Businesses within the Legal sector rank as the second industry in the UK using ChatGPT the most. 38% of legal workers surveyed admit to using ChatGPT or alternative methods of AI for work. This is perhaps not very surprising since recent reports show that AI is reshaping the legal industry by improving contract efficiency and automation.

Arts & Media comes in third place, with 33% of workers within the sector admitting to using ChatGPT for their work.

According to the findings, art workers are applying AI to their work more frequently than any other industry within the top 10, with over 13% admitting to using it at least once a week.

Despite the popularity of ChatGPT, according to the survey, over half (55%) of business workers stated that they do not trust working with another business who uses ChatGPT or similar AI in their workplace!

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