Liquid Intelligent Technologies Unveils Gaborone Metro Ring

A pan African technology group and a division of Cassanova Technologies – Liquid Intelligent Technologies, proudly announces the inauguration of the Gaborone Metro Ring.

This cutting-edge, high-capacity, high-speed, and secure telecommunications network will empower local businesses, imparting a substantial impetus to Botswana’s economic progress.

Plans for Further Expansion

The Metro Ring is unfolding in two phases, poised to benefit numerous businesses initially, with further expansion planned for phase two. “The initial phase’s launch will lower tariffs for local and international data services, bridging the gap for small and medium-sized businesses that were historically at a disadvantage compared to larger enterprises,” notes Odirile Tamajobe, Managing Director of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Botswana.

Enhancing Access to High-Speed Connectivity

Enhancing access to high-speed fiber connectivity holds pivotal importance, not just for businesses and individuals’ telecommunications needs but also for fostering noteworthy social and economic gains.

By furnishing an extensive and efficient telecommunications infrastructure, this endeavor profoundly influences the region’s growth and expansion trajectory.

Creating Employment Opportunities

Furthermore, it generates employment prospects and contributes to the holistic development and amplification of the national economy. This initiative precisely targets high-density zones in Gaborone, heralding a telecommunications revolution and caters to the escalating demand for high-speed internet as local businesses intensify their digital transformation endeavors.

“In realizing Botswana’s potential as a burgeoning economic hub in Africa, this project signifies a pivotal juncture. The completion of the inaugural phase underscores Liquid’s dedication to addressing the escalating connectivity needs and aligns seamlessly with our vision of an interconnected digital Botswana that leaves no one behind,” affirms Tamajobe.

Alignment with Botswana Government’s Strategic Vision

The project also aligns with the government’s strategic vision, Botswana Vision 2036, aiming to elevate the nation’s economic status from upper-middle-income to high-income within the ensuing 13 years.

It stands as an emblematic advancement toward Botswana’s ambitious aspirations through technological innovation.

The Metro Ring stands as a remarkable achievement in Gaborone’s telecommunications infrastructure, showcasing the fruitful synergy between the public and private sectors in advancing technology for Botswana’s welfare.

The Metro Ring exemplifies Liquid Botswana’s elevated digital infrastructure competence and unwavering commitment to steer and foster sectoral growth vigorously, concurrently expanding its market presence.