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Data Governance And Data Management Have Some Key Distinctions

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Executives at the highest levels often mistake data management for data governance, thinking that the two terms are interchangeable.

However, there are important distinctions between these two concepts that must be grasped before any project or program can be started. 

There are plenty of Data governance articles, and they all have some key distinctions

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast Data Management with Data Governance and show you some real-world applications of each concept.

What Are Data Management And Data Governance Anyway?

The common perception of databases is that they are used for managing data. IT professionals agree that effective data management involves taking measures to make relevant data accessible to the appropriate people at the right time, so that it may be used effectively. The goal is to ensure that managerial personnel have only the data at their disposal that is absolutely necessary for making good choices.

Data governance, on the other hand, is an enterprise-wide endeavor focused on the procedures and safeguards necessary for the safe and effective administration of all company data. Consider how it is being put to use across departments and what measures have been taken to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing or misusing the data.

The Crossroads Of Data Management And Data Governance

Although they serve separate purposes, data management and governance often overlap. For instance, a company section may need additional data or information to fulfill a request from its upper management. It is the duty of the data management group to ensure such access is granted in such a situation. Data access permissions should be role-based and limited to what is necessary. This will ensure that they are limited to only viewing and making changes to the data that is directly relevant to their job duties. 

In conclusion, data management and governance are complementary processes. In such a case, a firm division may request extra system data for study or reporting. To do so, it will work with the data security group to limit access to vetted personnel only.

Analyzing Data Management And Data Governance

Big data has increased the need for good data governance.

What’s the difference between data governance and management? C-suite executives are responsible for data management and governance. Even if they don’t manage a company’s database, they must assure its security. Second, the work required differs.

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