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Healthtech Company Launches Data-driven Insights Platform for Pharmacies in Ghana

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mPharma, a healthcare technology company, has launched a new customer-centric product, Facility Insights, on its proprietary data management and pharmacy transformation tool, Bloom.

The product will provide Pharmacy owners with tailored data-driven pharmacy insights to solve operational problems and make more informed pharmacy management decisions.

Facility Insights is now launched in 300+ pharmacies across Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, and Rwanda, and is expected to be fully operational in all mPharma-partner pharmacies in nine African countries in the coming 3 months.

The module is designed to solve the deep-rooted problem of pharmacies having limited data, and manually generating needed reports for decision making, contributing to error-prone data and poor user experiences.

The platform allows Pharmacy owners to self-serve accurate and updated pharmacy data 24/7, generate cross-cutting sales, profits, and product reports over specific date intervals, measure highest and lowest selling products by months and obtain insights into mutti member retention, and registrations.

Facility owners are already engaged with this new product, and are using it to generate relevant reports and insights for their pharmacies:

“With the launching of the Facility Insights module in Bloom, we enjoy having all the necessary highlights and analytics of our transactions, and this helps us to know how much our work is progressing. The analytics therein are accurate and on-point. In a single click, I am able to get an interface showing charts, percentages, and progress levels of the activities as I compare them in certain periods of time.” said Jacques Tuyishimire, RPh, Pharmacist and MD of Siloam Pharmacy in Rwanda.

“I mostly enjoyed the feature of being able to trace the comparative levels of sales, profits and the fast-moving products in different courses of time. This is amazing!” he added.

“Pharmacies today suffer from two problems at opposite ends of a spectrum. Either they lack the data and analytics tools they need, are hungry to get it, but don’t have the tools or training necessary to get it, or they have a glut of data but cannot leverage it to make better decisions,” Tuyishimire said.

“Facility insights is a key step forward in solving these and many other gaps in the pharmacist’s data toolbelt. With key reporting in place, there will be plenty of opportunities for us to uncover actionable insights that help our pharmacists provide the best care possible,” he explained.

mPharma has recently launched a Last-Mile Delivery platform that improves vehicle allotment efficiency and monitoring of driver delivery patterns, a Co-Insurance system that allows payments for patients with partial insurance cover in Gabon, and an e-commerce platform MyMutti that provides access to quality medicines and healthcare services in Ghana and Nigeria.

Edited by Zintle Nkohla 

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